Renee Flower
Renee Flower is both a painter and illustrator.  Rene delights in creating colorful images that portray humour in the simple things in life. Renee uses pencil, watercolor, gouache, and chalk in the creation of her work.  Her images are rendered using dark outlines filled by flat areas of primary and secondary color.  Renee's drawing style is direct, graphic, and purposefully child-like.  Her use of color is carefully considered, and her compositions are well balanced.  Her pieces combine linear patterns and simple geometric forms  with animals, text, and anthropomorphized household objects.    
Renee's work is playful and humorous, as well as graphically pleasing.  Her work is a joyful visual treat.  It is candy for the soul.  She has created a world of whimsical characters in a carefree world, and has shared this world with the rest of us.   
"Just what you'll need in the 21st century"
The 21st Century is coming, and I've got one of these!  This image is Renee's tongue in cheek statement on commercialism and the coming of the new millenium.