Sally Jörgensen
Sally Jörgensen paints in watercolor in a meticulous and  detailed style. Sally has chosen the still life as the focus of her work, and has reached a high level of skill in the discipline she has selected.  Her subjects include classic still life elements with a contemporary flare. Floral arrangements, fabrics, fruits and vegetables, glass and metal vessels, and antiques are among the objects she chooses to paint. Sally's images approach photo realism through careful attention to the subtleties of texture, pattern, and light.  Sally's palette is rich and vibrant, but true to the colors of life.  
As well as being an accomplished artist,  Sally is also a member of the Santa Cruz Cultural Council, and chairperson of the Open Studios Committee, the organization responsible for curating the show.  Sally was both cheerful and helpful when we met, and seemed the perfect candidate to administrate such a grand event. When I expressed to her the overwhelming nature of a show with so many artists, Sally pointed me in the direction of the Santa Cruz Art League, where one piece by each artist is displayed in a month long gallery show. 
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