Teresa Mallen
"Walking the Bird"
Teresa Mallen writes poetry, and works with vibrant, translucent color in a freeform graphic style.  Her pieces are largely figurative, with bold dark outlines filled by, and surrounded with rich blends, washes, and solid areas of color.  Her images are often bordered by interlocking graphic elements, and in some cases are mounted in roughly etched, burnished copper frames.  
Teresa on her beautifully crafted front stair.
Teresa's work was skillfully displayed throughout her home.  Her pristine second floor studio was awash with light, and cleared of furniture, transforming it into an impressive gallery space.  
Her images are joyfully expressionistic, and clearly celebrate the joys of love and life. Her work also contains recognizable references to established styles.  Teresa breaks the human form into graphic regions in a manner similar to Henri Matisse or Gustav Klimt.  Her work is a delightful synthesis of emotion, representation,  and imagination. 
"Gathering Peace"