Andrea Rich
Andrea Rich's artwork is an impressive contribution to the world of american printmaking.  Andrea's skill and experience as a woodblock printer is immediately obvious upon viewing her work.  Andrea focuses on the realistic portrayal of nature.  Many of her images are of birds, but her work also includes a wide selection of other creatures.  She is active in the art world, and in the world of conservation, giving talks and holding  workshops in the Santa Cruz area.  It is clear from her work that Andrea respects and appreciates nature.  Her images place animals in  natural settings, in gestural poses that give them character and a sense of nobility.  Andrea's images combine techniques of both western and Asian printmaking.  Some of her images appear distinctly Japanese, with muted colors, gentle atmosphere, and unifying decorative pattern.  Other images display the intense color, and posterized style of American printmakers.     
Andrea prints on high quality rag paper with oil based inks.  She works in small editions of around twenty to fifty prints.  Her prints range in complexity from single pass black and white images, to twenty pass  richly colored compositions.  Andrea uses multiple blocks, jigsaw cuts, and reduction techniques on cherry and mahogany blocks.   Andrea has exhibited her work in the United States, Canada, and Europe, and her work has earned her many articles and awards.  Andrea is already a talented and accomplished printmaker, and has a long career ahead to refine her work.  I look forward to seeing the results the upcoming years will bring.