The Gang
 The selection of artists covered in this year's review is influenced by the desires of our group, who had divergent preferences as to what they wanted to see.  The first weekend I was accompanied by James Harman, Karen Lewis and David Mays.  Karen and David were the subject of my last article "Artists in the Wild", and were in transition, venturing from their mountain home in Oakhurst to the heart of San Francisco.  James is a video artist and computer entrepreneur, currently working in the game industry as a 3D artist.  Karen and James took on an avante quard attitude, wanting to see work with a high "whimsical morbidity factor".  David was blissfully lost in the joy of the moment, and somehow picked a wardrobe that matched the artwork we viewed each day.  The second weekend I was accompanied by a group of artists and animators from Yosemite Entertainment, Gloria Garland, a graduate of Art Center in Pasadena, now studying for a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and  Joan Delahanty, a dedicated illustrator and computer artist, who came all the way from Seattle for the show, and wanted to see watercolorists.  I wanted to see something that I just couldn't refuse to take home, but didn't cost TOO much.    Then there was Jimmy, who just wanted to watch the World Series in peace. Luckily there was a TV at the hotel. 
A Tough Crowd.  From bottom left to upper right; Greg Poulos and Becky Kosuge, Gloria Garland, Joan Delahanty  ( leaning back ) Karin Nestor ( or at least her head ) Jimmy ( when does the game start?) Nestor, and Tim       ( This art better be good!) Loucks.
Tim and one of his wrestling buddies from Capitola.
Karen ( Let's raid an ark ) Lewis - Am I cool or what?
"American David"
David and a painting by Cherri Rupert-Canfield
David frolicking in a pumpkin patch.
Joan outside "The Gull's Nest" A water tower converted into a two story cottage at Ocean Echo.
Yours Truly - Jon ( Where's the Lighthouse? ) Bock
The Artists