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N'kongsamba © 2002 Rolf Weijburg

Tuscalum © 1989 Robert  Sakson

When: Through December 13, 2005

Hours: 9:00 AM to 4:30PM
Monday - Friday

Where: Susanne Patterson Building, 45 Stockton St. Princeton, NJ 08540 (behind Borough Hall)

The Princeton Senior Resource Center
Contact Susan Hoskins
(609) 924-7108


A Flow  © 2004 Yoshikatsu Tamekane

"Here" "There" © 
Kenichi Tanaka

Into the Unknown - II
© 2000 Margaret Kennard Johnson

Lake Carnegie © 2004 Michael Berger

The Princeton Senior Resource Center is a private non-profit agency providing a wide array of programs and social services to older adults and their caregivers in the wider Princeton area. Our mission is to offer affordable opportunities for support and engagement to older adults, their families and caregivers. Programs, services and volunteer activities are designed to empower individuals in the Princeton area to age in place with dignity.

From Japan: Yoshikatsu Tamekane and Kenshi Tanaka
From The Netherlands: Rolf Weijburg
From the United States: M. Berger, M. K.Johnson, C. Wells and R. Sakson.

Born in 1954 in Sapporo, Japan KENSHI TANAKA began his art career in Tokyo as a graphic designer and soon extended his talents into fine art printmaking. His earliest works were mainly in the lithography medium, though over the last four years has become increasingly three-dimensional. In the "Here/There" series currently on display, the artist uses a process called cast paper for which he sculpts a very detailed model using clay, makes a mold from the clay prototype, and then makes a cast using handmade paper and other materials to give the required stiffness. The resulting work, based in traditional techniques" has a distinctly "now" contemporary Japanese aesthetic. Mr. Tanaka is a member of the Tokyo-based International Print Exchange Assoc. He has exhibited in the invitational Contemporary Japanese Printmaker show in NY in 1996 and has a number of one-person exhibitions in Japan.

Born in 1959, YOSHIKATSU TAMEKANE studied at Sokei Academy of Fine Arts in Tokyo. He is a member of the Japan Print Association and has shown seven consecutive years in the prestigious CWAJ Print Show. He is known for his combination of technical prowess with a mystical aesthetic and vision. He frequently adds rich textural qualities, such as silver and gold leaf, to his woodblock images. He incorporates an intaglio printing method from a block to which pieces of cardboard or other materials are applied. The raised surfaces are inked and printed. Tamekane’s use of deep reds, black and gold provides the background on which float musical notations, cosmic images of horizons, stars and other celestial objects.

The wood blocks of Tamekane explore a variety of themes, including Time and Space. He explains:

"I savor the past and also look forward to the next century as a time of hope and advancement for the human spirit".

is a Dutch graphic artist, specializing in color-etching. His work can best be described as ‘travel-stories’, showing colorful images of the places he travels to with details of flora and fauna, architecture, every day life and landscapes intricately fitted together like collages.

Rolf likes to work on projects, in series. Three large series of color-etchings have thus developed these last years: ‘L'Afrique Périphérique – An Atlas of the Islands around Africa’ consisting of over eighty five color-etchings, now completed, and the still growing series ‘Home’ and ‘Local Beauties’. A new project to create a series of etchings on the 20 smallest independent countries of the world is now in it's preparatory stage and will result in the first large etchings in 2003.

Currently on view are etchings from the series "Local Beauties." Years ago the artist received a postcard from Sri Lanka. The card was divided into four rectangles with ladies in local dress in each rectangle. One stood next to a house, one on a beach, one was standing in a forest and one had just stopped picking tea. It was an old-fashioned postcard with colors that might have been applied by hand. In the middle it read: Local Beauties.

For years, this card hung on the wall in the artist's house. Now the card has got lost. But it's title has been preserved.

’ most recent work (2005) is a galvanized steel wall sculpture (cutout) painted with Conte WITH crayon, pastel and protected with fixative. Measuring 18" x 16" the sculpture is reflective of the sensitive portrayals seen in the artist’s etches.

Mr. Wells is a well-known sculpture and etcher. Born in New York City in 1935 he attended the George School in Pennsylvania and Amherst College. He lived ten years in Pietrasanta,Italy and won the Prix de Rome in 1964. His works are included in many important collections including the Library of Congress, The Whitney Museum, M.I.T.,the Corcoran Gallery, and the National Academy of Design from which he received a Gold Medal in 1987. Among his portrait etchings on display will be Vivaldi, John Lennon and Albert Einstein.

MICHAEL BERGER: Berger’s images of familiar scenes in Princeton will remain on display through mid-December. Works include Lake Carnegie (rowers), the Dinky station, Einstein’s house, the original Mercer Oak, Nassau Street (Spring & Fall), Nassau Hall and Princeton University "Arch".

An accomplished photographer and scientist, Berger studied chemistry at Cornell University and went on to obtain a doctorate in chemistry from Harvard University in 1972. Joining Polaroid Corporation in 1976, he used his technical expertise in the photographic field and holds ten patents. As one of the inventors of Polaroid Corporation's 35 mm instant slide film, he has had experience in blending art and science to create new imaging systems. For years Berger has used cameras and darkroom techniques to achieve impressionistic images, and he added the computer to his palette five years ago to achieve a new range of expression. Berger exhibits and lectures internationally on his art.

MARGARET KENNARD JOHNSON, Princeton artist, is a master of intaglio printmaking and printing techniques. She has taught, lectured and exhibited her art nationally and internationally. A Princeton artist, Ms. Johnson’s mesh sculpture may be seen in the Quiet Room and the Princeton Public Library.

One of her artworks on view is of ‘Richardson Auditorium’ in Princeton and is titled "Of A Concert Hall". Although a small format image, there is a strong perception of either what has transpired or what is about to happen. The artist leaves the interpretation to the viewer.

Ms. Johnson says,

"Materials and processes inspire and guide my work. They provide the means for forming imagery and composition. They vitalize and characterize my visual expressions, whether with handmade paper, intaglio/relief printmaking, or other mediums."

ROBERT SAKSON, one of New Jersey’s most accomplished watercolorists, is a Fellow of the American Watercolor Society and New Jersey Watercolor Society. Sakson has won major watercolor awards every year since 1970 and has exhibited extensively throughout the United States. The paintings of ‘Historic Princeton’ shown in the current exhibit reflect the artist’s lifelong interest in and love of the history of the buildings and historic landmarks in his native state.

There are a total of eleven 18" x 24" watercolors which include Drumthwacket, Kingston Mill, John Witherspoon House, Garden Theatre, Thomas Clark House, Quaker Meeting House, and other sites. The paintings, besides being of historic interest, demonstrate Sakson’s exceptional artistry and great depth of feeling for time and place.

Curator: Mary Lou Bock December 2005

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