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"A VISUAL TRAVELOG: Etchings Islands surrounding Africa, the Caribbean Islands, and ‘Local Beauties from Exotic Countries by Artist and World Traveler ROLF WEIJBURG". Rolf Weijburg on his art:

"My prints tell stories by melding images and diagrams of the geography, animals, plants, architecture, and the people of the places I explore."


Opening:   Saturday, January 27: 1:00 – 5:00 PM
Dates:   January 27 - February 27, 2007.
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© 2003 Rolf Weijburg

St Lucia: The Pitons
© 2004 Rolf Weijburg

We are happy to present works by a fantastic versatile artist and printmaker from the Netherlands, Rolf Weijburg. With remarkable perception and skills as a graphic artist and printmaker, Weijburg brings to the viewer images that combine the geography, flora and fauna, architecture, and the people of the places he explores.

Rolf Weijburg was born in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in 1952. While studying social geography and cartography at the University of Utrecht, Weijburg became interested in printmaking and graphic arts, and switched to the Academy of Fine Arts.

Following the tradition of many Dutch artists since the 17th century who traveled abroad, Weiburg has traveled throughout Africa and the Caribbean, and the Middle-East. His travels are an integral part of his work, providing him with an endless flow of inspiration. Weijburg makes many sketches en route, takes photographs and makes audio-recordings of sounds encountered. These records on paper, film, and tape become the working material for the etchings when the artist returns to his studio in Utrecht, Holland, where he lives with his wife and 2 daughters.

His work would best be described as ‘travel stories’ or, as: "a documented inventory of various parts of the world -- a Dutch artist’s way to remember his journeys and share them with us." The late Franz Geierhaas, teacher and art historian, in his book The Creative Act spoke of the this passion for traveling as satisfying an artist’s need to explore diverse cultural, social, geographical and aesthetic components abroad. Additionally, in Rolf’s case his passion for traveling and gathering in the world as a yearning ‘almost Rousseau Ian’ for the simple life -- a return to nature.


Local Beauties

The inspiration for the fantastic series of prints called "Local Beauties" comes from years ago when the artist received a postcard from Sri Lanka. The card was divided into four rectangles with ladies in local dress in each rectangle. One stood next to a house, one on a beach, one was standing in a forest and one had just stopped picking tea. It was an old-fashioned postcard with colours that might have been applied by hand. In the middle it read: Local Beauties.

For years, this card hung on the wall in the artist's house. Now the card has got lost. But its title has been preserved. The series, started in 1996, is still alive and new prints are made from time to time. The local of some of these small format etchings include "Shibam, Hadramawt" "Ilha do Ibo, Mozambique" and "Pay Bigouden, Finistere". New works are in progress.

L'Afrique Périphérique

Rolf Weijburg started out making an illustrated atlas of Africa but soon found out that this would be an impossible task. He decided to limit the scope to include only the islands surrounding Africa. Even this limitation lead to the birth of 85 outstanding etchings - "The Atlas of the Islands around Africa". It took Rolf on his numerous journeys to all the inhabited islands and island groups around Africa between 1981 and 1998. These journeys provided the artist with the inspiration for a large series of etchings showing the immense diversity of all these bits of Africa. Rolf Weijburg was awarded the Dutch National Prize for the Graphic Arts in 1992, for the etchings of this series up to that point.

A few of this series will be on display including the colourful and whimsical "The Artist Goes Snorkelling" All of the 85 colour etchings plus sketches, photographs and accompanying travel stories (in Dutch) are published in the book ‘L' Afrique Périphérique many of which are still available and some of which are sold out.


Today Rolf Weijburg is working on another large series of etchings which will have the world's twenty smallest independent countries as a subject. This will again take Rolf on extensive traveling.

Among the works on display are images of Grenada, St. Lucia/The Pitons, St. Lucia/The Castries and Grenada.


"Our international collection of fine art focuses on artists from Australia, Japan, the Netherlands and the United States. We work directly with the artists featured in our gallery to insure that the artwork we carry is of the finest quality. We strive to learn as much as possible about the artist and to follow his/her career and development. Each piece of artwork has a story.  We do our best to know and to understand the nature of the work, the artist's philosophy in creating it, and the way it fits into the art world as a whole." 

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