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Sights and Sounds of Manhattan and Princeton

As seen through the eyes of artists Michael Berger, Laury Egan, David Leibowitz, Allan Tannenbaum and Rolf Weijburg

A unique blending of urban and suburban architecture and locations reflects the diversity yet vibrant similarities of these two towns.

McCosh, Princeton Univ. 2001 Laury Egan

Manhatten: Home,  Etching  2000  Rolf Weijburg

October 30th through November 20th, 2001

Gallery Hours:
Mon. -  Sat- 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

N.Y.C Mosaic 1996 David Scott Leibowitz

112 Mercer Street, Princeton 2001 Michael Berger

JLYO CPII, Walk  1980 Allan Tannenbaum

About the Exhibit
Here are two cultures that are more similar than they are different. Diverse people, busy streets, old histories enhanced by new technologies bring New York and Princeton closer in scale. The ‘rumble of the taxi’ that is characteristic of any busy New York Street or a busy day in Princeton becomes almost audible in "New York Mosaic" by artist David Scott Leibowitz.

The industriousness, intensity and permanence of a university town and learning community are reflected in both the hard-edge classic architectural renderings of Laury Egan’s "Blair Hall" and in the impressionistic images "112 Mercer Street" and "Nassau Street" by Michael Berger. Also on display are Berger’s recent mixed medium paintings of "Fifth Avenue" and "Central Park" done in the same fluid style.

An etching by Rolf Weijburg titled "Home: Manhattan" created in year 2000 portrays just that. Manhattan is home to so many and Weiburg, visiting from the Netherlands, considered it a ‘home’ to return to and record. He delicately infuses the crispness of a fall day, numerous architectural details and even a refrain from the song " New York, New York" into his striking rendition and artistic interpretation of the New York City Skyline.

Artist Allan Tannenbaum is best know for his images of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in November of 1980. Among his works currently on display is a newly released color print of John and Yoko strolling through Central Park during the filming and recording of the "Double Fantasy" album and video. This, as well as the memory of his cry for peace, brings to mind the words and lyrics of "Imagine" as written by Lennon with the wish for "the world to live as one"…….

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