Jon Burke

Jon Burke creates refined, hand painted, terra cotta ceramics that combine
rich color, animal forms, and bold design.  Jon began his involvement  in the ceramic arts creating stoneware in the 1970s, and has since refined his techniques, and built a successful business from his craft. Burke works in his home studio, and sells his work at his gallery in Seaside, Oregon.  Jon's life is complimented by an artistic family, with a  wife who  is a jeweler, and a daughter studying the arts at Portland State University. 

Burke creates functional works that are colorful, playful, and harmonious.  He offers a wide range of forms with matching colors and designs, including lamps, platters, jars, vases, cups,  bowls, and spoons.

His pieces combine anthropomorphic, animal, and simple organic forms with freehand graphics.  His even, generous use of subdued, yet vibrantly rich colors, combined with bold black graphic elements, make the work particularly attractive. Uniformly excellent craftsmanship gives his work authority and presence.

Burke's works are largely practical in form and function.  Burke allows himself a little more creative license in the forms of his jars and vases, which combine subtle curves, generous volumes, and comfortable solidity. 

Burke's raven design is particularly effective.  The strong form of the raven, posed among galactic stars and spirals, draws the viewer into a pleasing, contemplative graphic space.

Jon can be contacted at 
Burke Design Studio
PO Box 111
Seaside, Oregon
tel. 503-738-3937

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