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Calendar of events for Davie Florida

Feb 1, 2019 - ongoing - Our extensive collection of original Williard Page Paintings is now on display at the Shop

The Willard Page Collection

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Past Events

Saturday July 29, 2018 through August 24, 2018

Please mark your calendars for this retrospective exhibit of over 50 years of William's artwork - this is an offsite exhibit (not at our Shop)

The 88 page catalog with 1 limited edition print, and individual show prints are available for purchase here

See the artwork on display and full show information here
Saturday July 18, 2015 through August 30, 2015 The Flowers of Summer – Then and Now

A special presentation of works by Maria Sotolongo and William Bock are on display. Also being shown are images of flowers dating from late 19th century chromolithography to paintings and photography of the 21st century.

Saturday April 18, 2015 through June 13, 2015 Fine Art from Japan Woodblock / Calligraphs by Yoshikatsu Tamekane  
Saturday November 29, 2014 through April 17, 2015 A Father and Son Celebration:  New Work by South Florida Artists Ernest Bock and William Bock  
Saturday May 18 through July06, 2013 May to July gallery show. New work by South Florida artist William Bock and a selection of original works on paper by Japanese artists Katsunori Hamanishi, and Yoshikatsu Tamekane.   
Tuesday May 29, 2012 New store location at 6099 Stirling Road, Davie FL, just a few blocks east of our old location.
2011 calendar of events for Davie Florida
Saturday November 19, 2011 through Saturday January 07, 2012 Preholiday Exhibit: "Fish Dreams on the Dish" by Yoshikatsu Tamekane of Japan and featuring
 the work of a selection of artists from around the world.
Saturday September 24  to Saturday Octover 22, 2011 George Cramer: Pioneer of Computer Art. Computer assisted art from the 1980’s through 2004. In 1988 an exhibit titled "CRASH” (ComputeR AssiSted Hardcopy) was presented at The University of Wisconsin - Madison. This was the first ever international computer art exhibit.
Saturday June 18  to Saturday July 30, 2011 Puzzles, Fossils and Dinosaurs by South Florida Artist William Bock: "Brown Pelican" is the 3rd and most recent of the artist’s Heritage puzzles. Also on display are Bock’s recent paintings and mixed media creations of dinosaurs and fossils.
Saturday January 22 to Wednesday March 30, 2011 Art from around the World: Ceramics, paintings on canvas, sculpture, jewelry and works on paper by gallery artists will be on display.
2010 calendar of events for Davie Florida
Saturday November 20 to
Wednesday December 8, 2010 John Lennon Remembered: A Special Homage
Photographs by Allan Tannenbaum
Saturday August 7 to
Saturday September 18, 2010 2 Summer Exhibits:  "On the Subject of Women" and "Gallery Artists"
Saturday June 5 to
 Saturday July 10, 2010 "My Kingdom for a Horse" 

Images of Horses by Japanese artist Katsunori Hamanishi visit Davie Florida.

Saturday May 15 to Saturday May 22, 2010 Art and Our Schools: Our Marine Life, Our World

A fund raiser and exhibit of artwork by the students (K-5) of Nova Dwight D. Eisenhower elementary school.
Saturday March 27 to
 Friday April 30, 2010 Turning the tide: Jules Engel and early Los Angeles modernism and beyond
A selection of drawings, paintings and prints by Engels are on view. Later works from 2000-2002 carry on the tradition of modernism seen in his earlier works. These are a series of lithographs that vibrate with color, form and movement.
Saturday February 6 to Saturday March 13, 2010 Life on the reef: An exhibition of Florida marine and wildlife paintings, prints and puzzles by south Florida artist William Bock
2009 calendar of events for Davie Florida
Saturday December 17 to
Saturday January16, 2010 An International Christmas, Holiday Shopping 2009: Art from around the World
Saturday October 17 to
Saturday November 14, 2009 A View of the West: Featuring South Florida artists William Bock and Maria Sotolongo
Saturday July 18 to Saturday Sept 12, 2009 Summer Salon Show "Mr. Magoo Goes Arty"
Original production cels of Mr. Magoo and Alvin and the Chipmunks by Jules Engel, as well as some of his abstract fine art prints. Also on view is a selection of the work by gallery artists from Australia, Japan, the Netherlands and the United States.
Saturday June 6 to Tuesday June 30, 2009 Early Chromolithography: late 1800’s to early 1900’s
On view are original chromos mainly from newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune and Philadelphia Inquirer, and other major cities, from the late 1800’s to early 20th century. The subject matter of the chromos are of historical and social interest today because they give the viewer insight into what the public of that time was interested in seeing.

Oriental Flower Girl
Saturday March 14  to
Friday April 17, 2009 A Paintbrush and a Camera celebrating Art & Frame's grand opening and new showroom. On view is a broad selection of photographs and paintings by William Bock and Maria Sotolongo. The subjects are landscapes, wildlife and architecture.

Fire in the Everglades © 2009 Maria Sotolongo
 and William Bock
2008 calendar of events for Davie Florida
Sunday October 19, 2008 to
Wednesday December 31, 2008 Contemporary Japanese Printmaking, Part II
Featuring Etchings, Mezzotints, Woodblocks and Lithographs by: Susumu Endo, Katsunori Hamanishi and Yoshikatsu Tamekane.

A Country House IV
 © 2007 Yoshikatsu Tamekane
Saturday July 12, 2008 to
 Tuesday August 5, 2008 New works by Katsunori Hamanishi
 The fine art of the Mezzotint

 © 2008 Katsunori Haminishi
Saturday May 17, 2008 to
 Saturday June 21, 2008 The Orient Express…ions: Abstract and representational works reflecting the current focus of Japanese artists.
Featuring etchings, mezzotints, woodblocks and lithographs by: Susumu Endo, Katsunori Hamanishi, Jörg Schmeisser and Yoshikatsu Tamekane

Stage Contest
© 2004 Katsunori Hamanishi
Wednesday Apr 23, 2008 to
Saturday Apr. 26, 2008 Tropical Waters An exhibit of artwork by the students of Nova Dwight D. Eisenhower elementary school (grades K– 5)

Turtle by Nicholas Ferreira
 5th grade 9” x 12” mixed media and collage
Saturday Jan. 12, 2008 to
Saturday Feb. 9, 2008 Pioneers of Animation and Computer Art featuring selected works by artists George Cramer, Jules Engel, Manfred Mohr, Barbara Nessim, Lillian Schwartz, Joan Truckenbrod and Roman Verostko

 ©1970s Jules Engle
Saturday Feb.16, 2008 to
Saturday Mar. 29, 2008 Changing Styles celebrating the work of south Florida artist William Bock in a retrospective of paintings and prints spanning 1968 – 2008.

©2001 William Bock
2007 events - prints still available
Saturday Nov. 24, 2007 to
Saturday Dec. 22, 2007 John & Yoko: A New York Love Story Fine Art photographs Of John Lennon and Yoko Ono by artist Allan Tannenbaum from his new book “John & Yoko: A New York Love Story” released in October 2007 by Insight Editions with a forward by Yoko Ono

© 1980-2007 Allan Tannenbaum


Previous Gallery Events

People, Places and Flowers: The Art of the Photograph  starting May 12, 2007 in Davie Florida..

Save the endangered Florida Small-Tooth Sawfish Starting Dec 14,  2006 in Davie Florida

Japanese Print Making Today Starting Nov 3, 2006 in Princeton NJ

Contemporary Japanese Art Starting March 29, 2006 in Davie Florida

Double Fantasy revisited: Commemoration to John Lennon December 7 - January 7

The Senior Center goes Global. Through December 13, 2005 at Princeton NJ Senior Resource Center.

Paintings and Lithographs by Riva Urban October 1 - November 1, 2005 in Princeton NJ.

Jules Engel Remembered September 8 - October 1, 2005 in Princeton NJ.

Summer Salon show: Surfing the International Print World, #5 July 29 - August 28, 2005 in Princeton NJ.

Our Children, our Oceans, our Future January 27 - February 12, 2005 in Plantation FL.

New works from Curlee Raven Holton and Faith Ringgold November 27 - December 13, 2004 in Princeton NJ.

Exhibit of Fine Art from around the World October 16 - November 22, 2004 in Princeton NJ.

Katsunori Hamanishi and the art of the mezzotint September 9 - October 2, 2004 in Princeton NJ.

First Impressions: Digital watercolors of Princeton by Dr. Michael Berger August 5 - August 28, 2004 in Princeton NJ.

Where the East meets the West  June 16 - July 3 2004 in Princeton NJ.

Poetry of the Woodblock Print  May 14 - June 6 2004 in Skillman NJ.

Underwater World Museum Show through February 2004 in Dania Beach Florida.

CRASH (ComputeR AssiSted Hardcopy) Revisited: November. 13 – December. 6, 2003 in Princeton NJ.

The art and artists of Australia, the Netherlands and Japan: September 26 - October 31, 2003 in Princeton NJ.

Jazz and Blues The drawings, etchings and prints of renowned African American artist Curlee Raven Holton. Beginning September 17,  2002 in New Brunswick NJ.

A Far Eastern Perspective, Windows to a vibrant culture II, Etchings, lithographs, cast paper, woodcut/collograph and mezzotint are the among the mediums employed. Beginning July 26,  2002 in Princeton NJ.

Marine Wildlife Art Exhibition and Fund Raiser, Proceeds from the show will help support the National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation’s efforts in protecting and preserving marine life in our oceans and waterways. Beginning July 13,  2002 in Plantation Florida.

Soho Blues, Featuring newly released images of Bruce Springsteen, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and Keith Richards as well as the photos of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Presented by The Williams Gallery in conjunction with the Small World Café May 7 - June 3, 2002 in Princeton, NJ.

Ctrl + Alt + Delete: A Visual Presentation, Presented by The Williams Gallery in conjunction with the George Street Playhouse. March 18 - April 14, 2002 in New Brunswick, NJ.

An International Flavor, Computer Art, Etchings and Mixed Media works on paper.  Presented by artists from Australia, the Netherlands, the United States and Japan. February 4 - March 9, 2002 in Princeton NJ.

A Far Eastern Perspective - 2001, Windows to a vibrant culture: as seen in the works of four artists selected from the prestigious 2001 CWAJ show in Japan. November 24 - December 22, 2001 in Princeton NJ.

Sights and Sounds of Manhattan and Princeton, A unique blending of urban and suburban architecture and locations reflects the diversity yet vibrant similarities of these two towns. October 30 - November 20, 2001 in Princeton NJ.

Modernism, Mr. Magoo & More, New and other works by master animator, artist and filmmaker Jules Engel is on display Friday September 22 - October 20, 2001 in Princeton NJ.

3rd Anniversary Art Exhibit, Bock Gallery celebrates its third year in its Plantation location gallery with paintings by the Bocks and many gallery artists  on display starting September - December 2001 in Plantation FL.

New Home for The Williams Gallery, We have moved to 16½ Witherspoon Street in downtown Princeton.  Summer Showcase: "Works by Gallery Artists" is on display Friday August 17 - September 15, 2001 in Princeton NJ

Nassau Club exhibit, In and around Princeton, Three artist, three unique techniques and three views of Princeton as interpreted by Berger, Sakson and Schmeiser. July 17 - August 31 , 2001 at The Nassau Club in Princeton NJ.

Ancient Cultures Revisited, Etchings by Jörg Schmeisser, Painted Panels and Sculpture by Sally Spofford. February 24 - March 24 , 2001 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ.

The Familiar and not so Familiar, From traditional landscapes and still lifes to futuristic visions of space and nature. December 2 - January 27 , 2001 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono: Double Fantasy, color photographs by Allan Tannebaum. October 21 - December 22 , 2000 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ.

Transcendency, Art Which Elevates and Soothes Your Mind. Through September 1st, 2000 at Bock Gallery in Plantation FL.

Etchings from Angkor, Cambodia and Nara, Japan, Recent Works by Jörg Schmeisser. April 29, 2000 - May 13, 2000 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ.

Old and New Expectations, Select Portrayals of Women Through the Millennium . March 11, 2000 - April 8, 2000 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ.

Fine Art and Technology in the 21ST Century, Leaders of Innovation. January 29, 2000 - February 26, 2000 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ.

Going Global, Contemporary Fine Art From Around The World, From Princeton, New Jersey to Reykjavik, Iceland. November  27, 1999 - January 22, 2000 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ.

Thomas George,  Recent oils and watercolors. October   23 - November 20, 1999 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ.

A Far Eastern Perspective,  Recent Lithographs by Susumu Endo of Japan, Woodblock/Collagraphs by Yoshikatsu Tamekane of Japan and Digital Paintings by Cyprian Li of China.  Sept. 18 - October 16, 1999 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ.

Vessels in Time,  Summer Salon show and Gallery Talk. An exhibition highlighting icons, symbols and architectures of antiquity.  July 17 - August 17, 1999 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ.

Urban Landscapes,  Recent Works by Uri Dotan, Robert Linton Ewens,  and David Scott Leibowitz.  June 11 - July 10, 1999 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ.

Works on paper by internationally recognized African-American artist, Curlee Raven Holton,with a special presentation of new prints by world renowned artist, Faith Ringgold.  April 17 - May 15, 1999 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ.

Art Treasures from around the World - Part II, Featuring gallery artists of Australia, Japan, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Russia, and the United States and introducing - new to the gallery - the paintings of  Gabriel Schmitz.  February 1 - March 31, 1999 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ.

Special Art Show Reviews

Exhibit Trip 2000 in Oakhurst CA

 Santa Cruz Open Studios 1999 our third annual review of one of California's premiere art events. The Santa Cruz artistic community is an exceptional one, with a long tradition in ceramics, glass, painting, and sculpture, and a large number of established and successful artists living and working in the region.

Pacific Northwest Art Festival - July 1999. Come peruse our roving reporter's review of the Pacific Northwest Art Festival in Bellevue, Washington.  The article will includes a general overview of the show, and features six exceptional participating artists.

Santa Cruz Open Studios 98 Santa Cruz Open Studios '98.   This year our roving reporter tackles a show that encompassed two weekends in October, with more than 250 artists presenting their work. This year we were able to visit about 50 of them. The article will focus on ten artists, and on our overall impressions of the event (December, 1998)

Artists in The Wild
Our newest feature covers the work of Karen Lewis and David Mays, two promising young performance artists living and working in Oakhurst California.

Yosemite Renaissance XIII art exhibition a picture filled review of the Yosemite Renaissance XIII art exhibition (March, 1998)

Open Studios of Santa Cruz County 1997 Open Studios of Santa Cruz County, Once again Jon hits the road in search of the best of contemporary California art and artists. (November, 1997)

Sausalito Art Festival , The Williams Gallery of Fine Art sent a representative to the Sausalito Art Festival to search for new talent, in particular artists involved in computer art and the Computer art pavilion. (September, 1997)

History of Events, 1998

Surfing the International Print World - Fourth Annual Exhibit,  An Exhibit of Works on Paper by Nationally and Internationally known Artists using a combination of Traditional and Digital Techniques to create their images. October 9 - November 14th, 1998 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ.

Innovative Imprints and Impressions, The Williams Gallery is pleased to announce that a selection of art works by Margaret Kennard Johnson are among those included in an exhibit at Stark & Stark's reception area galleries  July 22 - October 23, 1998 at Stark & Stark's reception area galleries in Lawrenceville NJ.

Twentieth Century Paintings, Prints, Computer Art and Sculpture, Introducing 'New To The Gallery' - Japanese Printmakers Rieko Fujinami and Kenichi Tankaka. And works by Gallery Artists, with new Lithographs by Susumu Endo. June 20 - August 15, 1998 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ.

Transcending the Surface: Layers, Patterns and Textures, The Williams Gallery is proud to announce that a selection of art works by Margaret Kennard Johnson are among those included in an exhibit at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Gallery. July 12 - September 7, 1998 at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Group Headquarters near Princeton NJ.

Body Language: Figurative Abstraction In Stone, Bronze, Wood and Clay, The Ann Reid Art Gallery at Princeton Day School, in conjunction with The Williams Gallery is exhibiting the work of Gakunjo Kaigwa. June 29 - July 31, 1998

The Digital Artist : Art, Abstraction and Algorithms Each of the artists has the distinction of being a pioneer in the field of computer art as well as being among that small group of digital artists who have developed their own software programs, used in generating their images. April 18 - May 16, 1998 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ

Pictures of Life, an art exhibit featuring European Artists Karl-Heinz Irber, Monika Eggert, Margit C. Drescher and Inge Kellermeier. January 13, - February 14, 1998 at Bock Gallery in Hollywood FL.

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History of Events, 1997

Art and Artifacts from around the world, Gallery Artists from Africa, Australia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Russia, and the United States, and Introducing Bronze Sculpture by Gakunju Kaigwa of Kenya. December 2, 1997 - January 24, 1998 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ.

Jörg Schmeisser: "Ask that Your Way Be Long…", An exhibition of etchings inspired by and created during the artist’s extensive journeys throughout the world. November 1 - November 22, 1997 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ.

Sausalito Art Festival , The Williams Gallery of Fine Art sent a representative to the Sausalito Art Festival to search for new talent, in particular artists involved in computer art and the Computer art pavilion. August 30 & 31, 9:am - 6:pm, and Monday, September 1, 9:am to 5:pm. Review of show now available.

A Celebration of Art and Music, an art exhibit featuring Hannah Loesser and her father, Broadway lyricist/composer, Frank Loesser and gallery artists October 14 - November 15 at Bock Gallery in Hollywood Florida.

Print event and silent auction at the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Williams Gallery artists George Chaikin, George Cramer, Dorothy Krause and Michael Berger have been selected for inclusion in the exhibition September 14, 1997 - October 26, 1997 in New Brunswick, NJ.

A New Reality, Recent Painting and Pastels by Thomas George. September 27 - October 25, 1997 at The Williams Gallery in Princeton NJ..

Currently showing at The Williams Gallery's Digital Art Gallery, a by-appointment showroom of works on paper by leading digital artists from around the world. Oct 1 - Oct 30, 1997 "The Digital Photography of Michael Berger"

Nature and Cyberspace: Interpretations of the Still Life & Landscape in Both Traditional & Digital Medium. Gallery Artists, Featuring New Works by Douglas Bock, Susumu Endo, William Chickillo, and Rena Segal. June 24 - August 30, 1997

The Alliance of Art and Music: Photographs and serigraphs by Allan Tannenbaum and Jonathan Bock. Exhibited at Totally Wired Cyber Café & Gallery, 134 Nassau St. Princeton N.J. This is the 4th in a series of traveling exhibits featuring the well known photographs of John Lennon by Allan Tannenbaum, and the silk screen images of the "Guitar Players" by artist and animator Jonathan Bock. , May 2 - June 30, 1997.

Meditations and Permutations: an Exhibition Exploring the Continuum of Symbols Past and Present. Presenting intaglio prints by Margaret Kennard Johnson, etchings from the "Greek" series by Jörg Schemisser, mixed medium paintings by Sally Spofford and marble sculpture from the "Shell" series by Gar Waterman. April 12 - May 17, 1997 at The Williams Gallery.

Art exhibit at the Sanibel Gallery: in conjunction with The Sanibel Music Festival, March 14 - March 31, 1997.

Surfing The International Print World: Second Annual Exhibit featuring works created by nationally and internationally known artists using traditional and/or digital media, February 8 - March 31, 1997 at The Williams Gallery.

"A bunch of digital art": Show at The College of New Jersey. Williams Gallery artists Dorothy Simpson Krause and Roman Verostko are among the artists selected, January 20 - February 12, 1997.

Salon Show: Gallery Artists, and Introducing Paintings by Tanya Kohn (Mexico) and Digital Art by Charlotte Landgraf (Germany) & Michael Berger (USA), November 19, 1996 - January 18, 1997 at The Williams Gallery.

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History of Events, 1996

Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture: New Works by Hannah Loesser, Ruth Velikovsky Sharon & Jerome Collins. New Show at The Williams Gallery, October 19 to November 9, 1996.

Photographs by Robert Ewens New Show at Currican Playful Productions Theater, October 18th to November 17th, 1996.

Altered Photographs & Alternative Locations: New works by David Scott Leibowitz. New Show at The Williams Gallery, September 27 to October 12, 1996.

A new location in Hollywood Florida, the Bock Gallery: Fine Art, Murals and Framing has moved. Selected Williams Gallery artists has works on display in this location in addition to the main gallery in Princeton NJ.

Andor Orand 'The Scientists' (The Institute Series) and, "What ever happened to the squared quarter?" New Show at The Williams Gallery, July 13 to August 24, 1996.

Show opening at Merrill Lynch, in conjunction with The Williams Gallery. The first New Jersey exhibition based on major art discoveries by Lillian Schwartz includes works created electronically that demonstrate the solutions to 500 year-old puzzles...

Digital Celebration - One year on the World Wide Web, New Show at The Williams Gallery, June 4 to July 13, 1996. Celebrating the first anniversary of The Williams Gallery web-site of works by Barbara Nessim and introducing the work of our new "Featured Artist" of the month, Barbara Joffe.

Exploring the Landscape - Expanding Awareness, New Show at The Williams Gallery, Mar. 9 to Apr. 13, 1996. Paintings of Kenneth Layman and Rena Segal, Digital Photography of Susumu Endo, Sculpture by Rory Mahon.

The February/March issue of Computer Artist magazine, in an article by Arielle Emmett, profiles the career and work of artist George Cramer. The magazine also features Cramer's art on its cover and in the pages of the profile. Computer Artist is available on select newsstands or by calling 603-891-9166.

Twenty Years of Printmaking , Margaret Kennard Johnson at Artworks Trenton Gallery, Jan.28 - March 2

Transcending Realities, Dorothy Krause exhibit at The Williams Gallery, Jan.2 - Feb. 24

Emerging Images, At Susquehanna Art Museum - Sept.10 - Jan.31

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History of Events, 1995

Contemporary Classics, New art exhibit at The Williams Gallery, Nov.18 - Dec.16

The Loesser Legacy, New art exhibit in New York, extended into December by popular demand

The computer art of Uri Dotan, The Williams Gallery Oct.17 - Nov. 11

Siggraph '95, Los Angeles Convention Center, August 7-11

Artists in Residence, July 11 - August 5

Surfing the International Print World May 13 - June 3

We're online June, 1995

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