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Art & Frame offers framing, conservation and restoration services at highly competitive prices. Fine art paintings, sculpture and prints from a variety of artists are available. Custom painted murals and interior treatments for private homes and business are a gallery specialty. In addition, jewelry and collectables are available.

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See Paintings and Prints by William Bock, gallery manager  
Calendar of events for Davie Florida
Saturday November 29, 2014 through June 1, 2015  
Vatican - Wildlife © 2012 Rolf Weijburg
A Father and Son Celebration:  New Work by South Florida Artists Ernest Bock and William Bock
Saturday November 16, 2013 through Monday December 23, 2013
Vatican - Wildlife © 2012 Rolf Weijburg
Rolf Weijburg: New and Familiar Etchings by Dutch Artist Rolf Weijburg
Saturday May 18 through July06, 2013    May to July gallery show. New work by South Florida artist William Bock and a selection of original works on paper by Japanese artists Katsunori Hamanishi, and Yoshikatsu Tamekane.
Tuesday May 29, 2012 New store location at 6099 Stirling Road, Davie FL, just a few blocks east of our old location.
2011 calendar of events for Davie Florida
Saturday November 19, 2011 through Saturday January 07, 2012 Preholiday Exhibit: "Fish Dreams on the Dish" by Yoshikatsu Tamekane of Japan and featuring
 the work of a selection of artists from around the world.
Saturday September 24  to Saturday Octover 22, 2011

George Cramer: Pioneer of Computer Art. Computer assisted art from the 1980’s through 2004. In 1988 an exhibit titled "CRASH” (ComputeR AssiSted Hardcopy) was presented at The University of Wisconsin - Madison. This was the first ever international computer art exhibit.


Saturday June 18  to Saturday July 30, 2011 Puzzles, Fossils and Dinosaurs by South Florida Artist William Bock: "Brown Pelican" is the 3rd and most recent of the artist’s Heritage puzzles. Also on display are Bock’s recent paintings and mixed media creations of dinosaurs and fossils.
Saturday January 22 to Wednesday March 30, 2011 Art from around the World: Ceramics, paintings on canvas, sculpture, jewelry and works on paper by gallery artists will be on display.
2010 calendar of events for Davie Florida
Saturday November 20 to
Wednesday December 8, 2010
John Lennon Remembered: A Special Homage
Photographs by Allan Tannenbaum
Saturday September 25 to
Saturday October 30, 2010
Exploring South Florida and the Caribbean: Etchings by Rolf Weijburg, Paintings and fine art prints by William Bock
Saturday August 7 to
Saturday September 18, 2010
2 Summer Exhibits:  "On the Subject of Women" and "Gallery Artists"
Saturday June 5 to
 Saturday July 10, 2010
"My Kingdom for a Horse" 

Images of Horses by Japanese artist Katsunori Hamanishi visit Davie Florida.

Saturday May 15 to Saturday May 22, 2010 Art and Our Schools: Our Marine Life, Our World

A fund raiser and exhibit of artwork by the students (K-5) of Nova Dwight D. Eisenhower elementary school.
Saturday March 27 to
 Friday April 30, 2010
Turning the tide: Jules Engel and early Los Angeles modernism and beyond
A selection of drawings, paintings and prints by Engels are on view. Later works from 2000-2002 carry on the tradition of modernism seen in his earlier works. These are a series of lithographs that vibrate with color, form and movement.
Saturday February 6 to Saturday March 13, 2010 Life on the reef: An exhibition of Florida marine and wildlife paintings, prints and puzzles by south Florida artist William Bock
2009 calendar of events for Davie Florida
Saturday December 17 to
Saturday January16, 2010
An International Christmas, Holiday Shopping 2009: Art from around the World
Saturday October 17 to
Saturday November 14, 2009
A View of the West: Featuring South Florida artists William Bock and Maria Sotolongo
Saturday August 29 to Saturday October 10, 2009 Islands of the Caribbean and off the coast of Africa by Rolf Weijburg
Weijburg on his art: "My prints tell stories by melding images and diagrams of the geography, animals, plants, architecture, and the people of the places I explore.


Saturday July 18 to Saturday Sept 12, 2009 Summer Salon Show "Mr. Magoo Goes Arty"
Original production cels of Mr. Magoo and Alvin and the Chipmunks by Jules Engel, as well as some of his abstract fine art prints. Also on view is a selection of the work by gallery artists from Australia, Japan, the Netherlands and the United States.
Saturday June 6 to Tuesday June 30, 2009
Oriental Flower Girl
Early Chromolithography: late 1800’s to early 1900’s
On view are original chromos mainly from newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune and Philadelphia Inquirer, and other major cities, from the late 1800’s to early 20th century. The subject matter of the chromos are of historical and social interest today because they give the viewer insight into what the public of that time was interested in seeing.
Saturday May 2 to Monday May 25, 2009
Local Beauties #12  © 2005 Rolf Weijburg
The Annual International Print Show 2009: Views of Women and Nature Three of the artists use the computer, and four use etching, mezzotint and/or woodblock techniques for implementing line, color, texture, and space. For each of these artists the medium is an essential part of the inspiration for their art, integral to the development of idea, imagery, and composition
Saturday March 14  to
Friday April 17, 2009

Fire in the Everglades © 2009 Maria Sotolongo
 and William Bock
A Paintbrush and a Camera celebrating Art & Frame's grand opening and new showroom. On view is a broad selection of photographs and paintings by William Bock and Maria Sotolongo. The subjects are landscapes, wildlife and architecture.
2008 calendar of events for Davie Florida
Sunday October 19, 2008 to
Wednesday December 31, 2008

A Country House IV
 © 2007 Yoshikatsu Tamekane
Contemporary Japanese Printmaking, Part II
Featuring Etchings, Mezzotints, Woodblocks and Lithographs by: Susumu Endo, Katsunori Hamanishi and Yoshikatsu Tamekane.
Saturday July 12, 2008 to
 Tuesday August 5, 2008

 © 2008 Katsunori Haminishi
New works by Katsunori Hamanishi
 The fine art of the Mezzotint
Saturday May 17, 2008 to
 Saturday June 21, 2008

Stage Contest
© 2004 Katsunori Hamanishi
The Orient Express…ions: Abstract and representational works reflecting the current focus of Japanese artists.
Featuring etchings, mezzotints, woodblocks and lithographs by: Susumu Endo, Katsunori Hamanishi, Jörg Schmeisser and Yoshikatsu Tamekane
Wednesday Apr 23, 2008 to
Saturday Apr. 26, 2008

Turtle by Nicholas Ferreira
 5th grade 9” x 12” mixed media and collage
Tropical Waters An exhibit of artwork by the students of Nova Dwight D. Eisenhower elementary school (grades K– 5)
Saturday Jan. 12, 2008 to
Saturday Feb. 9, 2008

 ©1970s Jules Engle
Pioneers of Animation and Computer Art featuring selected works by artists George Cramer, Jules Engel, Manfred Mohr, Barbara Nessim, Lillian Schwartz, Joan Truckenbrod and Roman Verostko
Saturday Feb.16, 2008 to
Saturday Mar. 29, 2008

©2001 William Bock
Changing Styles celebrating the work of south Florida artist William Bock in a retrospective of paintings and prints spanning 1968 – 2008.
2007 events - prints still available
Saturday Nov. 24, 2007 to
Saturday Dec. 22, 2007

© 1980-2007 Allan Tannenbaum
John & Yoko: A New York Love Story Fine Art photographs Of John Lennon and Yoko Ono by artist Allan Tannenbaum from his new book “John & Yoko: A New York Love Story” released in October 2007 by Insight Editions with a forward by Yoko Ono
Saturday Sep. 15, 2007 to
Saturday Nov.10th, 2007

 © 2007 Rolf Weijburg
Surfing the International Print World Art of Australia, The Netherlands, Japan and the USA.  Artists: Susumu Endo, Katsunori Hamanish, Rolf Weijburg, Jörg Schmeisser and Yoshikatsu Tamekane..

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