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Roman Verostko

Artist's Biography 

Notes on the artist's algorithmic art

Original Works on Paper

Third Millenium Gaia, I (34 kb) , 1999 Roman Verostko.

Paper: 11.5" by 14.5". Pen and ink on paper. Gold leafed orbs (top and bottom).

Two Thousand Scarabs: A Y2K celebration, Version 20 , 1999  Roman Verostko.

Paper: 24" by 40". Two thousand original stamp sized pen drawings.

Note: Each version, in this Y2K Series,  is an original  pen drawing with its own unique sequence of two thousand improvisations. Two of these drawings, placed side by side show that each version in the series has a unique set of  visual forms. The drawings for each version are penned with one color mixed by the artist. Versions are available in deep shades of  warm and cool dark inks. Click below to see sample  details  from two versions showing differences in form.

Version 20 is currently traveling and shown as an example. Versions of each color are currently held on reserve for Williams Gallery clients.

Detail from  Version 20Detail from another version.

Diamond Lake Apocalypse, Burning Bush (85 kb) , 2000  Roman Verostko.

Paper: 23" by 29"; Image: 12" by 20". Pen and ink with gold leafed elements.

Detail , Burning Bush (59 kb) shows left side at 2/3 actual size

Pathway Series, Heaven and Earth, III (51K) , 1991 Roman Verostko.

Paper: 40" by 24"; image: 34" by 16". Pen and ink. Artist's seal. VRP006.

Illuminated Turing Machine, II (94kb) , 1994  Roman Verostko

Paper: 44" by 30 "; Image: 34" by 26". Artist's studio seal. Text and decorative elements with pen and ink. Two gold leaf  roundels. VRP007.

Notes: The central "text", a sequence of 5,495 binary digits, is an algorithm for a Universal Turing Machine (UTM). This "text", the algorithm for a UTM, is "illuminated" as an authoritative "scripture" of our information age. The text for this  version, "U",  is the one presented by Roger Penrose in The Emperor's New Mind, Chapter 2, Note 7.

Illuminated UTM's: Three versions with gold leafed roundels were made between 1994 and 1996.  Each version is an original pen plotted drawing developed from its own unique form generator. One of these versions is available exclusively at the Williams Gallery in Princeton. The Princeton version was shown at the Digital Salon in New York in 1997.

  Detail of the binary digits of a Universal Turing Machine. (37K).

Player Drawing  I, Pathway Series (110kb), 1989 Roman Verostko

Paper: 9" by 12"; Image: 7" by 9.75".  Artist's name seal.

Brush Struggle VI (77 kb) , 1997  Roman Verostko.

Paper: 44" by 30". Pen & brush with ink. Artist's name seal.
Detail of pen & brush work.

A Sun Canticle, I (100K), 1995 Roman Verostko.

Paper: 24 inches by 17.75 inches (61 cm by 45 cm) Image: 11.25 by 8.75 inches (29 cm by 22 cm). Gold leafed element.

Detail shows central figure adorned with gold leaf to celebrate the sun (50K)

The Williams Gallery  holds original work  from each  period of Verostko's algorithmic art. Each work shown here is an original pen plotted work,  penned or brushed, stroke by stroke, signed and made available by the artist through the Williams Gallery. Prices range from $300 to $2000. Contact the Gallery for individual prices.

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