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Open Studios is an annual event presented by the Santa Cruz County Cultural Council.  It is one of most ambitious art events in California, involving the cooperation and coordination of hundreds of local artists.  The show typically runs for three weekends in October, a delightful time to be outdoors with autumn gardens in bloom, and harvest displays of Indian corn, decorative squash, and Halloween pumpkins enhancing the festive atmosphere.  Each weekend artists open their homes and studios to the public, perform demonstrations of their craft, and offer work for sale.  Anticipation builds for months before the show begins, and many artists prepare for the event throughout the year.   This article covers the work of eight out of more than fifty artists we were able to visit, and some quick follow-ups on artists we have met before.  With this article we only scratch the surface of what the event offers, and the fantastic work that is presented, but it is our hope that this small cross-section will  give the reader an idea of what the show is all about.  Once again we thank everyone for their hospitality and hard work.  Enjoy the show!

The Artists Some Artists Revisited
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