• Artists Revisited

        For artists in the Santa Cruz area, Open Studios is one of the year's best opportunities to show and sell their work.  Many have shown at Open Studios on and off for ten years or more, and spend months preparing work for the show.  Most of the artists that we visited during last year's show  were exhibiting again.  We stopped by the studios of a few of our favorites to see their new work, among them Sally Jörgensen, who had several new watercolors on display.  Her work continues to focus on carefully rendered surface textures of textiles, food, and flowers rendered in vibrant color.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sally for being a great contact with the Cultural Council, and for supplying us with information on where to stay and what to do while visiting Santa Cruz.   Click on the links below to see last year's coverage of these artists.  Sally Jörgensen Lovingly rendered watercolor still lifes